Why Choose MCElife

Mcelife is a professional Chinese oral irrigator manufacturer. Customized OEM & ODM Services , Reasonable Price Supply to Online Platforms, Supermarkets, Trading Companies, Distributors, Brand Owners,Own US+EU Patented Revolutionary & Game-changing Core Tech - Elastic Diaphragm Water Pump.Read More

MCElife Manufacturer

Established in 2018 and headquartered in China, Dongguan Mingchuang Youshang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a globalized water flosser/oral irrigator manufacturer that caters to the modern world. Since inception, we have been focusing on technology and innovative R&D and successfully developed the "Elastic Membrane Water Pump" with high-pressure water pulse, which has obtained EXCLUSIVE patents in 56 countries and regions. We are committed to providing customized high-quality products, innovative new technology support and first-class aftersales services for water flosser/oral irrigator and other oral care products.