Electronic assembly

  • We have the most complete dust-free production workshop to meet the most demanding production technology and production scheduling. Passed the international quality management and quality assurance standard ISO9001: 2015

Injection molding equipment

  • We have 40 first-class injection molding machines, and the production management is carried out by talents with rich experience in the injection molding field.

  • The quality of our plastic molds will have a great impact on our products and the operations of our customers. Therefore, we strive to continuously improve our business to provide safe, effective and timely plastic mold products, and continuously meet customer requirements in terms of quality and delivery.

Tooling equipment

  • We have advanced equipment (CNC, spark machine, wire cutting machine, engraving machine, lathe, grinder, printing machine...) precision plastic mold manufacturing.

  • The delivery time of our production molds is about 5 to 12 weeks, and we can build a fast mold in less than 2 weeks. Utilize mold flow CAE automation, CAD/CAM automatic processing and SPC (statistical process control) automatic measurement: we can guarantee the precision and process capability of the mold, and meet the high fault tolerance and strict quality control.

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